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Real Natural Remedies for Cholesterol

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Does fats is essential for life? – Cholesterol

Although it is produced in the liver, about twenty to thirty percent come from



what we eat. Thus, there are natural remedies for cholesterol but it is important to take a good look on what to eat and drink.

In addition, Cholesterol can be caused by liver cirrhosis, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, thyroid disorder, kidney failure or a hereditary conditions.

To understand the concept and mechanism of cholesterol, you should know that there are two major fats in the blood:



These fats are broken and bind to certain proteins and together they travel through the bloodstream as lipoproteins that are classified as:

VLDL. Very low density lipoproteins.

LDL. Low-density lipoprotein.

HDL. High density lipoprotein.

HDL cholesterol is considered to have a good ability to purify large arteries. The more cholesterol of this type is found in the blood, the better. LDL cholesterol is considered bad, because it accumulates in the walls of arteries, causing clogging thereof and restriction of blood circulation. Thus, the lower the cholesterol levels, it is best

High LDL cholesterol can cause serious diseases and conditions and severe as the following:

Angina pectoris

Myocardial infarction


Acute abdominal pain with or without pancreatitis

Hepatosplenomegaly (enlarged liver and spleen)

There are several home remedies to combat popular and high cholesterol as:

Natural Remedies for cholesterol

Natural Remedies for Cholesterol #1: A traditional remedy provided to us by a healer tells us that the best way to control cholesterol involves swallowing every morning fasting a clove of garlic cut in half.

Natural Remedies for Cholesterol # 2: Another remedy is to eat an apple fasting cholesterol lowering.

Natural Remedies for Cholesterol # 3: It is important to note that there are several foods that grandmothers used to cook for lowering cholesterol as broccoli, onion, dandelion, the carrots raw, oats, spinach, grapefruit, alfalfa, almonds, nuts, pollen, and olive

Natural Remedies for Cholesterol # 4: To lower cholesterol, is positive orange juice with oil? In this regard, it should squeeze two oranges and adding oil to the juice. It will take a glass fasting

Natural Remedies for Cholesterol # 5: You can prepare linden tea and horsetail, since the former has vasodilator and sedative effect while the second contains silicon, which stimulates the regeneration of elastic fibber’s of the arterial walls

Natural Remedies for Cholesterol # 6:  You can make vegetable broths comprising ½ litre of water, 3 sprigs parsley, ½ onion, 100 g of cabbage, 3 stalks celery and 1 lemon (per serving), and all is made hirbiendo ingredients, previously chopped or sliced, lemon least 15 minutes over low heat, let stand and strain. Before tomárnoslo, add the juice of one lemon in each shot.

Natural Remedies for Cholesterol # 7:   Prepare a healing juice with a tablespoon of barley, a spoonful of oatmeal, two tablespoons of bran, 1 chopped apple, 1 1/2 cup of water and a teaspoon of honey. This requires blending all ingredients and then drinks preferably in the morning.

Natural Remedies for Cholesterol #8: Mix one tablespoon of corn bran in half a cup of warm water. Mainly consumed in the morning

Natural Remedies for Cholesterol #9: Boil two artichoke leaves in a cup of water for 15 minutes and take this tea mainly in the morning (not to be taken if there are previous digestive problems).

Natural Remedies for Cholesterol # 10: Boil a tangerine with shells and all in a cup of water for 10 minutes.   Taking this infusion mainly during the morning

Natural Remedies for Cholesterol # 11: Mix half a cup of cucumber juice with half a glass of guava juice and drink this juice twice a day.

Natural Remedies for Cholesterol # 12: There is a remedy, well known in Ayurvedic medicine, composed of tree gum resin of the mukul myrrh that grows in arid to lushIndia,, Pakistan and Bangladesh which has antioxidant that is considered an effective remedy for controlling cholesterol available  in our store .

Natural Remedies for Cholesterol # 13: Drink a glass of juice from pineapple, before and after meals, for one week each month.

Natural Remedies for Cholesterol # 14: Mix in equal pairs, alcachotera, dandelion, turmeric, bitter orange and mint. Place 1 tablespoon of the mixture in a cup of water. Boil for 5 minutes, let stand 10 more and filter. Take three cups a day after meals.

Natural Remedies for Cholesterol # 15: Pour into a blender 1 cup chopped fresh peaches, 1 cup non-fat yogurt and 2 tablespoons of flaxseed. Beat until smooth. Take every other day. This remedy is very effective because flaxseed contains soluble fibre that helps fight bad cholesterol or LDL.


There are several recommendations to reduce cholesterol and keep it at a good level as follows:

Eating fruits, and having a cholesterol-lowering effector having pectin.

Eat wheat germ daily as q ue is rich in beneficial fats that collaborate in reducing bad cholesterol in the blood.

Eating eggs in moderation: The egg has 275 milligrams of cholesterol. However, there have been studies showing that consumption of three eggs a week it is safe. Incluisve if you can remove the yolk is the part that contains cholesterol. So that you can prepare your omelets or scrambled eggs using only one yolk and the whites of several eggs and it will be better.

Avoid saturated fats such as beef and pork meat, mantenca, cheese, butter, whole milk and hydrogenated oil and replace these foods with fish, poultry, low-fat dairy products and olive oil.

Avoid alcoholic beverages, cakes, soft drinks, tea, coffee, sweets, white bread and other refined sugars.

Avoid gas-forming foods such as cabbage, frigoles, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower *

Avoid being overweight, and that obesity is associated with high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides

Managing stress and tension: Learn relaxation techniques.

Avoid smoking

Adopt an exercise program under medical supervision and long walks outdoors (15 to 20 minutes.)

If you have a picture of high cholesterol, you should try to measure every three to four months to track.